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The Christmas Revels is performed in the beautiful and historic Oakland Scottish Rite Theater. Our stage is built out from the proscenium arch in a “thrust” or “3/4 round” style. This makes viewing from the side boxes, side dress circle and side balcony nearly as good as seating in the front/center of the auditorium. There are no partial or obstructed view seats.

Before purchasing tickets on the website we highly recommend that you study the small seating chart first.

Accessibility: Wheelchair locations are in rows E-G on the Main Floor only. Box Seats are on the same level as the main floor but sit up 2-5 steps. The Dress Circle and Balcony are both on the upper level and are separated by an aisle. There are at least 12 steps required to access the Dress Circle and Balcony.


(If you don't wish to charge tickets online you can print out an order form and mail it with your check.

Prices: First price is Adults. Second price is 65+ and under 18. Infants and toddlers who will sit in an adult's lap do not need tickets.

  • Center Box $55/$45
  • Main Floor $40/$32
  • Side Box $40/$32
  • Center Dress Circle $40/$32
  • Side Dress Circle* $30/$22
  • Center Balcony* $30/$22
  • Side Balcony* $20/$12

*On Friday, December 7 at 8:00pm & Sunday, December 9 at 5:00pm all Side Dress and Center Balcony seats are $20 and all Side Balcony seats are $12.